The Caregiving Tree
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About Us

About Us

Every day we serve families throughout Central Ohio who have had the experience of working with caregivers from our healthcare community. Every day we hear about the wonderful care they provide to families and their loved ones in a variety of settings and environments:

• Home health care and companion aid

• Nursing facilities and Assisted Living communities

• Hospitals

• Hospice and palliative care

Whatever the level of care, the families tell us about the wonderful things the caregivers of Central Ohio do for them and their loved ones. It is from these stories that we at Schoedinger realized the importance of strengthening the bridges between all levels of care in an effort to provide better support for the professional caregivers of our community and a better continuum of care for ALL the families we serve.

The Caregiving Tree was born from the recognized need to bring practical products, trusted services and helpful advice to the people who needed it most – professional caregivers. Providing care for a dying individual can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but it can also be challenging and overwhelming at the same time. This website’s goal is to provide information to help professional caregivers find answers, build support circles and provide helpful information to families in their care.

The Schoedinger family believes that no one should have to navigate caregiving alone and unsupported. Professional Caregivers are working and volunteering in a challenging world and The Caregiving Tree is a resource portal of support that caregivers need most, not only to learn what the issues are, but to enhance the care and compassion that drives your heart to serve.