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Programs and Education

Programs and Education

Schoedinger Funeral and Cremation Service is an approved provider of continuing education by the State of Ohio Board of Counselors, Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists.  We have provided numerous educational programs to caregivers throughout the Central Ohio community.  We also offer a variety of general programs available to any audience. 

Our Continuing Education programs include:

Unmasking the Mysteries (1.5 CE) – this program discusses everything   related to funerals including options, costs, grief, and more. This class offers attendees the opportunity to view videos of the casket/urn display room, a demonstration of a Private Family Gathering method of body identification, and a cremation witness/observation experience.

Best Practices for Advance Directives and Being Prepared (1.0 CE) – this program discusses how to structure Advance Directives to benefit the family most, as well as a number of other legal and formal documents that help families in the event of an emergency or change in a loved one’s health status or situation.

Understanding Grief for the Healthcare Professional (1.0 CE) – this program covers how healthcare professionals cope with the loss of patients/residents/clients, how to support a family who is grieving, and how to recognize and manage compassion fatigue.

Ethical Issues at the End of Life (1.0 CE including ethics) – this program discusses basic ethical issues in hospice and palliative care, as well as futility, advance directives, and ethical issues in the funeral home.

Cultural Considerations at the End of Life (1.0 CE) – this program looks at cultural considerations at the end of life based on religion, ethnicity, and economic standing.

What Happens When There is No Money (1.0 CE) – this program looks at all of the resources available to families who are financially challenged.   Healthcare professionals will have a much better understanding of the choices families have available to them, as well as the circumstances surrounding and in response to each of those decisions.

Disenfranchised Grief – The Unspoken Losses (1.0 CE) – this program examines the causes of Disenfranchised Grief with specific examples, as well as ways we can help support those who might be experiencing Disenfranchised Grief.

Anticipatory Grief – Understanding the Losses Before the Loss (1.0 CE) – this class reviews the sources of Anticipatory Grief, the emotions associated with Anticipatory Grief, and the resources available to individuals as well as families who might be experiencing Anticipatory Grief.

Coffee and Cremation (1.5 CE) – this program explores all that is involved in conducting a cremation.  It includes a video tour of the cremation observation and urn rooms, as well as a video demonstration of the Private Family Gathering method of body identification.  Participants learn about the rules and regulations governing cremation in Ohio and nationally.  There will also be information about pet cremations as well as an exploration of all the options available to families for cremated remains.

Feeding the Bereaved (1.0 CE) – this class examines how different foods can cause different chemicals to be released in the brain.  Some chemicals are known to enhance or improve mood.  Traditional pasta dishes given to the family after a death may not be the best choice.  This program will suggest what food options might be better for the bereaved and why, as well as other activities that may improve mood.

Positive Changes to Promote Health and Healing (1.0 CE) – More and more healthcare providers are looking at ways to improve the patient experience and enhance health and healing.  Simple changes to the physical environment have shown to aid in healing and reduce stress.  This program will examine various ways to promote health and healing for patients in a healthcare environment, as well as for families who may be grieving.

Grief Pain:  The Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Responses to Loss (1.0 CE) - Everyone grieves differently, in the own way and in their own time.  Some may experience feelings more than just sadness.  This program examines all of the different ways people may experience pain from loss.

If you are interested in having one or more of these programs presented to your staff/volunteers, please call Julie Olds at 614-429-5703.