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Advance Care Planning

Advance Care Planning

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Ohio’s Advance Directives

Advance Directives are comprised of the Healthcare Power of Attorney, the Living Will, the Do Not Resuscitate Order (DNR), and the organ donation form.

Appointment for Representative of Disposition

The Appointment for Representative for Disposition is a legal document that allows an individual to name another individual to be solely responsible for their funeral services.  This document overrides the state’s next-of-kin rules.  It is a good document to have in place for:

  • The LGBTQ community where partners are not currently recognized as next of kin (unless they are married)

  • Families with multiple children that may disagree on the deceased preferences

  • An individual with multiple marriages – designate one individual to be responsible for funeral arrangements

Advance Planning FAQ’s

We are often asked about the benefits of pre-planning and prepaying for funerals.  There are many good reasons why it is something to consider.

Meaningful Funerals Brochure

Sometimes it can be hard to think about what we would prefer for our funeral services. Many times people are not aware of all the decisions that have to made during the arrangement process. This brochure outlines some things to consider before there is a need.

Advance Funeral Planning Checklist

This advance planning checklist can help you get your thoughts and wishes in order before the funeral arrangement process. It will help you record those things you have already thought about, as well as helping you to think about those things you had not yet considered.